Animals Wellbeing Organization International


Animal Wellbeing Organization International dog  Pedigree that's where we stand for!!

AWOI is an organization that puts the importance of health but also the wellbeing of the animal on the first place.

And respect rigorously the legislation and the regulations in the best interests of the dog.


Renovations will be made available on our website, but AWOI will also pursue these rules as policy for our breeders.

All dog breeds that are applied for registration for a family tree will be checked on tested healthy  parents (a general health check).


They are indicated by means of starts.

In this  we are UNIQUE!!

This is important for the animal itself, but also for the buyer and seller.  


Without check  one cannot obtain a family tree by us,  that means that both the father and mother dog should be declared healthy  by our organization, before you can start breeding. In this way we strive to breed better an healthier dogs for  the aspirants buyer and the seller as well,  but certainly for the dog itself.

The dog pedigree not only shows results obtained on dog-shows but also a grading in the health of these dogs.