Animals Wellbeing Organization International
kennelname registration

a breeder kennel name you stands out in a positive way.
Dogs with kennel name can be recognized among their peers.
This gives the breeder to be on his breeding products and totally proud is and also to stand behind his product.
By conducting a kennel name he take it seriously
For who a kennel name Awoi performs meets the Awoi Health Requirements.

Do you want to apply for a kennel name with us then, of course.
Enter the forum winch below, then scan it and send it to us. 
Within 3 weeks after request kennel name,and everything is okay, when your name is accepted you will  get a bill sent back.
Once the payment is received your kennelname registration come to you.


It is also possible that you already own a kennel name.
Then you can start using this name to us than it would have only included
in our system.
Print this forum winch below and fill it in, after completing it, you can scan again and send it back to us, plus a copy of your already registered kennel name.
You then obtained via email from us the account of the recording you kennel name.
To receive payment, you will receive a registration card which indicated additional kennel would be that you have joined Awoi and breeding with the regulations of our policies.