Animals Wellbeing Organization International
Pup owner registration paper

Congratulations with your new puppy, AWOI Hopes you have made the right choice we wish you both a well and healty life together.
You're choice to take a puppy with a AWOI pedigree is of course a wise choice.
It means you're puppy is born from healty (tested) perants.
Both parents will be provided with a minimum of 1 star at the names on them pedigree
This means that both parents are medically in good healt
AWOI hopes it will lower the risks, but we can't give any guarantee's.

After receiving the pedigree from the breeder, you have to notify your puppy online at AWOI.
You have to print the form bellow and fill it in.
If you can, scan the form and send it by email in.
This makes sure the puppy will be registrered on you're name in our files.


Changed your dog from owner, then
you have to print this form bellow and fill it in, 
So that the dog that carried your name goes over to the name of the new owner.