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Purchase and care of a dog

The dog is one of the most popular domestic animals in the world .

That is not so surprisingly , because having a dog has many pleasant sides :

Dogs are loyal friends that you can take with you to many places,



A dog is a pet that you can have a lot with, especially if you proceed with consideration during the purchase of your dog

By proper selection of a dog and a good purchase address, you can avoid many problems .
Because having a dog brings along many consequences : a dog takes time , energy, attention and money, and for many years.Dogs can be great pets , but the decision to acquire a dog , is a decision you have think trough


Pre-consider what you expect when having a dog.



they can learn a lot so that they can adapt to all kinds of situations,  they like to be with humans , they love to walk or sport with their owner , and we can communicate with them , creating a bond between dog and owner .
What are your expectations and are gwet they realistic? How wonderful dogs can be, they still are dogs with pleasant and less pleasant aspects , advantages , and disadvantages . So make sure that you get a good picture of a life with a dog 

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