Animals Wellbeing Organization International
Race Dogs

To be a purebred dog the must have three conditions:
Meet the characteristics of his race down in the breed standard and are registered with a pedigree and a father and mother who belong to the same race.

The pedigree issued by the AWOI is a  sole  pedigree-certificate and a new system that the health status of the dog listed on the pedigree displays .


Conform to a standard indicates that the hereditary characteristics purebred dogs in a race that characteristic combination , have in common .

Dogs of a specific breed look similar in  appearance but also in character and behavior . That's because in the past, dogs were culled . For a more or less specialized task





For such a task a certain appearance was important , of course (size, construction , fur ) , combined with talent and character .

Dogs had a specific job to perform  , such as wild chase, driving cattle , herding or defend or protect house and home against intruders .

Almost always went to pure utility : they lent their boss so assistance in the struggle for daily existence .

In the old days they bred purebred dogs just for luxury reasons , such as for sport, but also for all lapdog.



Of course can breeds vary enormously in number. There are breeds where only a few hundred dogs exists , but there are also breeds with hundreds of thousands of species worldwide
Known example of this is the German Shepherd, who around the world and over the years are found in large numbers
However, there are many more varieties in looks pretty familiar , but absolutely not popular , and that each country has only a small group lovers count .
Finally, there are numerous breeds but only in one country in quite a number of occurrences, but only in dribs and drabs over a number of other countries

Since the beginning of organized cynology end of 1900 , are breeds systematically described in standards and national kennel clubs of approval provided.



Currently there are more than three hundred varieties . Every now and then there is one added.


Those are almost never completely ' new ' breed, but usually always just very old , which is breed back.


If the breed occurs in sufficient numbers in the World , there is usually a club or society that deals with these interests


Popularity of a breed is seldom of long duration. Usually this is a temporary phenomenon .

In purebred dogs circles a sudden huge popularity is feared .

In such a situation improper breeding is a danger for the race and for the aspirant buyer when thoughtless bought .







That usually grabs harmful for the quality of the breed and the well-being of that breed .



Nowadays are very few dogs kept solely for the utility . Almost all dogs are there for our pleasure , entertainment and companionship .

The efforts of our ancestors who created the races because of work abilities , however, we can reap the benefits.

The wealth of varieties of breeds gives us the opportunity to choose exactly which breeds  suits our needs .

Where we again have a duty to provide what the dog what suits his needs.