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In the Netherlands
As of June 1, 2014 DNA by government is not required! !


DNA is not required by the government even if they pretend it is so at any veterinarian

This is established by the Board of Management that the FCI pedigree edition does in Netherlands.
Its only a paternity DNA test, unfortunate a health dna tets would have been so much better!!




AWOI think it's a good system if compelled (for health also)

by the government to a database connected to it.




Just like in America already is done, in the future it, would  be possible that we dig deeper into this. So we can take over  this system ( in collaboration with possibly America )

Because everything in the interest of the health of your dog is obviously very important ! !




If you own a dog with a  DNA report then it is possible that we, like in America, will mention on your pedigree . (If you do appreciate ) this.
We recommend you do , because it would be  quite normal in the future

And we will do it in the future as well  but then linked to a database .


Do you want a DNA report of your dog that is of course possible to order products through our DNA contacts list.





Microchipping of dogs compulsory from 1 April 2013


Compulsory microchipping and registration of dogs from 1 April 2013 is a reality . The owner data stored in a database

After the compulsory microchipping and registration of dogs for years of speech this a fact requirement from April 1, 2013.



All puppies should be microchipped within 7 weeks after birth .

Before the puppies are 8 weeks old , they must also be registered with a designated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs database.

Dogs that are imported must be registered within 2 weeks.

In this way, the State Secretary for Economic Affairs wants dishonest and illegal dog trade tackle

The obligation comes down to , that all puppies be microchipped by the breeder .

Within 8 weeks after the puppy is born , it must be registered in a database.

This way  the chip number is associated with the address of the dog and its owner .

When moving or when the dog gets a new owner , the data should be updated in the database.

If the dog dies , it must be written off . So always keep the data in the database up  to date .


Dogs that are registered with us ( Awoi ) will automatically be forwarded a chip   to the age of 6 weeks  and thus always be chipped on time .

In this way the government can not only track and trace  the malicious and illegal dog trade, microchippen and registration has a significant advantage for the dog and his owner as well



If the dog accidentally was lost and found again , he can be brought home much easier thanks to the chip and registration



National registration bench for registering your dog ( chip number)

The following databases are searched:

 Animark – Ireland
 NRMZ - Czech Republic
 Animal-ID - Russia
 SRZ - Slovak Republic
 Petcard - Austria
 TASSO e.V. - Germany
 IFTA Germany
 NDG - The Netherlands
 PetBase - The Netherlands
 Deutscher Tierschutzbund - Germany
 PET-CALL Singapore – Singapore
 PET BUL Turkey - Turkey
 Petlog - United Kingdom
 PetLink - Brazil
 SKK - Sweden
 ANIS - Switzerland
 Dyreidentitet - Norway
 Petlink - Latin America
 Back Home Club - The Netherlands
 AAR - Australia
 BH – Czech Republic
 Lemmiklooma Register - Estonia - Ukraina
 VBK - The Netherlands
 PetLink - Romania
 PetLink - USA
 GAID - Georgia
 MCDAEI - Moldavia
 Animalface -Russia
 Belarussian Pets Identification Database