Animals Wellbeing Organization International
registrations orders

If you want you can choose the wanted registrationform click and print out .


Then fill out the form and send the completed form to us .

All our service is done digitally , so there are no extra charges and we can keep it as cheap as possible .



If everything is received in good order you will get a bill sent back, and if necessary, any adjustments if something went wrong are .

Upon receipt of payment , everything will be put to work.



Do not forget by Pup registration to enclose a copy pedigree of both parents, but also a copy of health-research.



The chips will be send to one of your vets so they can insert the chip and is done professionally (this is easier if you do this with their first vaccination so that no extra charges are applicable), he also will be to check the mother dog first before inserting the chips with your pups , so you do not forget to take the  mommy dog along.




With the supplied chip to your vet, a questionnaire is send along, you and your vet must both sign and before send back to us .


This you can scan yourself and mail it back to us , and you have a registration certificate for your own administration , and we can prepare your family tree and send it to you .



If you have questions about this , please feel free to contact us .